Friday, July 21, 2017

Electric Euro Scooters We Can't Have #1: Schwalbe

Happy Fossil Free Friday, y'all!

Since selling the truck, I've been riding the bicycle a lot more, but I've also been riding the old gas-powered scooter. And I have to admit, it's been nice - all that riding with traffic at traffic speeds, getting to work in 10 minutes instead of 25 for the bicycle and it's really nice to make that 100 degree ride home without a whole lotta any pedaling!

But there's that whole burn-the-gas-kill-the-planet thing that really puts a damper on the scooter ride. Yep, I've been jonesing for an electric scooter again.

So, yesterday when the Oogle feed brought up a CNET article on Bosch electric drivetrains which featured an electric Schwalbe scooter, I knew it was time for a re-visit.

I was happy to learn in the article that the modern version of the Schwalbe is being built by the very well respected German scooter manufacturer GOVECS. (By the way, you can buy GOVECS scooters here in the States. I got to check them out at Electric Avenue Scooters in Austin and was very impressed!)
The Schwalbe site where Europeans can configure and order one
Vintage + Scooter + Electric = a happy mesquite hugger, and I (long-distance) love this machine! I like the big wire wheels (great for bad Texas roads) and the bar-end blinkers (the better to see you with) and the capacity to haul a second person and a little stuff. It's a new vintage scoot that treads very lightly. Good stuff.

Out of reach in so many ways!
Like many cool and eco-friendly Euro products, this one is not available stateside, but it sure is nice to dream of running about your daily business like those Milky Chance kids but without all that pesky two-stroke smoke. (I may have to let my hair grow back out.)
May you scoot freely without doing much damage!
Is that the Milky Chance guy again in the Fido video?
PS. If you want a cool electric retro scooter that you can buy here, be sure to check out the Fido - straight out of Kalamazoo!