Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Free WaterSmart Gardening Classes here in the LBK

So, I was getting situated to read and write this morning when I looked over and noticed a postcard on the board next to me. (When I see "free" and "garden" on the same page, my MH senses tingle.)

With all the rain we've had lately, it'd be easy to get blasé water conservation, but a few back-to-back days at triple-digit temps, and we will be downright crispy again. With a little heat and a little breeze, our evaporation rates will skyrocket. We need to be smart with every drop.
Each class lasts from 10am-12pm and is limited to 30 participants. You can sign up and learn more at the web address above. (I'm hoping to attend the August session at the TTU greenhouse - I like succulents and I have looked longingly into the greenhouses as I've admired the Tech horticultural gardens. All is good!
May we all take advantage of opportunities to learn and make West Texas a little less dry.

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