Saturday, July 1, 2017

More New Mexico and One Less Car

Another Trip to New Mexico, and we became a single-car family this week.

This trip was Ruidoso and Roswell for work and a tiny vacation.

Upcycled Alien Art in Roswell

Some little something was happening in Roswell this weekend.

Mule deer behind the hotel

Mountain clouds over the hotel

It doesn't run on electrons, but it was nice to look at!

One of the nicer rooms we've stayed in lately 

Lots of butterflies and moths

Where's the log lady when you need her?

Lots of butterflies

So good to be near running water

What a Lark Roswell can be!

Find it here

I'd love to tell you that our decision to sell our old truck (bought it new in 2003!) was an altruistic eco-statement designed to show the world and all the petroleum producers that we don't need them, but the truth is that it needed a costly repair and we needed to pay down a little debt. Even so, I am glad that we have one less gas burner in the stable, that we won't have to pay for insurance and registration, and we can hug the local mesquites a little tighter. I'll try to keep you posted on how it goes to be car-less in the Lubbock heat.

May you find joy and wonder in all your travels, and may you strive to create a healthier world for all.

PS. If you find yourself in Ruidoso, be sure to stop by the Happy Hiker and say hello to Rich and Anna. It's a cool shop with some great upcycled and sustainable products, and they are just plain fun to talk to!