Saturday, September 2, 2017

Fossil Free After Friday: I rode a GenZe 2.0

Our mean boss sent Matt and me out of town to do some work. Don't tell anyone, but while we were out in the real world, we did a bit of eco-friendly sightseeing. We went by Moxie Scooters! (For a scooter-dork mesquite hugger, it's a magical place.)

We got to see and test ride this blue beauty. Moxie Scooters link

I have been a fan of the Genze 2.0 for some time now, but this is the first time I've seen one in person. The Genze 2.0 is the most legitimate electric commuter scooter available in the US. It's built in Michigan, has a dealer network, has a line of accessories available, and it has a proven track record for durability. And, oh yeah, it does not burn gasoline - legit! And it costs less than the new clutch we put in our daughter's car this year. (Eek!)

It even has a real brochure (Moxie info up top.)

What did I think? I loved it! It's quick. I loved the info on the dash. The windshield was more effective than I expected for something so small. The brakes are excellent. It's the easiest two-wheeler to ride I've ever been on. It has throttle, brakes, and a blinker - that's about all you have to worry about. And it is silent. I can't imagine a more peaceful machine for cruising about.

You know me, I love the looks - it doesn't look like any other scooter out there.

Back of the brochure

It's bigger than you'd think - Matt is 6'3"

Dashboard selfie - the gauge cluster is legit! Lots of info, and you have your own PIN number.

Imagine all the junk to fit in this trunk!

For me, there is really only one drawback. The top speed is 30 miles per hour.

And I live in a 50 mph town.

30 miles per hour puts it right in league with most 50cc gas-powered scooters. So, if that fits your need, this thing is a great choice. It has a 30mph top speed and a 30 mile range. (Interestingly, it zooms right up to 30 and then it just stops accelerating. You know there's more there, but it electronically limits itself. My DIY brain was scheming to squeeze another 5 mph out of it. Where's Rusty - who loves to void warranties - when I need him?) 

My newly minted right electric vehicle for the job graph.
The GenZe falls just short of the blue E-Scooter zone.
(So does my home-built E-Scooter, snagit!)

My verdict? Other than the top speed, I love this thing. I even like the blue on this one. Now, if I can talk GenZe into offering the GenZe 40 - 40mph and 40 mile range, I will be straight up in love!

And Matt? He was measuring our company car to see if the GenZe would fit in the back seat - it won't!

If you're in the Fort Worth area and want to see the Genze in person, go see John at Moxie. Please tell him hi! He's a great guy!

May we all find green transport that is this much fun to ride.