Friday, June 13, 2014

Feeling Trashy - Go Zero Waste!

Devoted readers may remember back in April when we strived for a Day Without Waste here at Mesquite Hugger. If not, here are two of the four posts that came out of that attempt.

A Day Without Waste 1

A Day Without Waste 4

No, I did not accomplish the goal of having a day without waste, but I did come much closer than I had in the past, and I became hyper-aware of the amount of waste I do generate in an average day. We are trashy people living in a trashy culture.  (Go tell your mom you have been reading a trashy blog!)

On Treehugger today, there is a post that gives 10 steps for a 'zero waste' shopping routine.

There is a lot of great advice in there. Check it out to see if you are already practicing some of these or if there are some new ones you might want to adopt. And notice how nicely most of these would fit in if you are headed to the Lubbock Downtown Farmers Market tomorrow morning.

May your efforts not be waste(d)!

FYI, do not google "trashy" on your work computer. Not a good move!

Bonus Link: Stop Living in a Trashy Neighborhood!