Friday, July 11, 2014

For Lubbock Animal Lovers: Support Your Local No-Kill Shelters


These two cuties are Kylie Minogue and Matilda Dundee. They wandered up to my mother's house a few weeks ago. These two young sisters are inseparable and they are great fun to have around. We figure they are 3-4 months old. Both are smart and are learning quickly. Kylie loves being held like a baby. Mattie likes to he held, but would rather play fetch.

So, what are they doing on Mesquite Hugger? Like millions of other dogs and cats in Texas, these two were strays who would have ended up being put to death merely for existing. We brought them home so that we can find them a better life.

Strays are not a small problem. They are an epidemic worldwide. And the reason I bring this up today, is to show support for some of the people in our area who are working diligently to find homes for strays.

This post showed up on Reddit recently: Hello fellow Lubbockites! The Haven Animal shelter needs your help! If you have the means, please consider this very worthy cause, please spay or neuter your pets, and if you are looking for a new family member, adopt an animal in need.

Here's a link to an earlier MH post on the same subject: Sashadoption

May you and yours find love in all the right places!