Saturday, August 2, 2014

Tiny Houses Closer to Home - Spur, Texas

As a West Texas green guy, it's often discouraging to see how little our area embraces the idea of conservation and modest living, but I keep seeing little points of hope.

In the Lubbock paper this morning, there is a story about Spur, a small town about an hour east of here, that has apparently just become the first American town to embrace the tiny house movement by modifying their building codes to accept and encourage building houses that are under 1000 square feet.

And I just want to say, "Way to go Spur!!!"

For you tiny housers out there looking for a place to land, you should definitely check it out. Spur has a very cool Main Street with old-school buildings. The place is laid back, and the surrounding country is rugged and beautiful - more interesting than a lot of our area.

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May you find abundance in less and love where you live.