Monday, September 29, 2014

Lubbock Pets: An Apology, A Great Event, and two horrific incidents

This is Brian and Puddy. (Brian is the tall one)

First, the apology: My friend Brian is a guy who is passionate about improving conditions for unwanted pets. He volunteers for the Haven here in Lubbock, a no-kill animal shelter that does a great job of housing and re-homing unwanted pets. This weekend the Haven held its annual Strut for the Mutts event to raise funds for this valuable and noble cause. The apology is to you, to Brian, and to the Haven for not getting the word out earlier about the event. I want this blog to be a place that supports local people who are working for good, and I am very sorry for overlooking this event.

So, please know that the Haven is a great place that does a great job in the face of overwhelming odds. And they could use help. Volunteers, cash donations, food and pet supply donations, and adoptions - these are all gladly accepted.

Here is a page from their website that lets you know ways you can help:   Please consider doing something to help the Haven and other no-kill shelters to accomplish great things for these unfortunate outcasts from our careless consumer society.

Changing gears, there is a really great young man in our neighborhood who likes to take our Sasha running a few times per week. They go for a two-mile run in the evening and both have a wonderful time. A few weeks ago, they were running near our house and had something horrible happen. As they were running past an alley, a pair of large strays came running out at them just as a pickup came driving by. The truck hit one of the dogs and killed it instantly. The other dog ran away. The young man driving the pickup stopped, but there was little to be done. Animal control was called and came by to pick the poor thing up.

Yesterday, I had almost the same thing happen. I was going for my daily bike ride. A chihuahua, a family pet, came running out into the road to bark at me just as a red Pontiac came flying by. The dog was killed almost instantly. The Pontiac came to a stop a few feet away, honked the horn, and then sped off. The family came out. We were all horrified.

It's easy to look the other way, but we have an epidemic of animals roaming our streets, Please spay or neuter your pets, please stop supporting dog and cat breeders who contribute to the overpopulation, and please make sure that you are equipped and committed to care for a pet before bringing one home.

May the pets around you have long and wonderful lives.