Friday, December 19, 2014

Copenhagen Wheel, Flykly, Daymak, GeoOrbital - Add the Evelo Omni to the list!

So none of those other powered bike wheels tickle your fancy? Check out the Evelo Omni Wheel. This one is a front-only, 36 volt, 350 watt, pedal assist - no throttle, guaranteed to ship in March 2015, 26" or 700c, powered bicycle wheel. It has a few different battery options, ranges from $999-1499, and it comes in Apple's favorite color - white.

Want to know more? They have a slick and informative website.

Evelo Omni Wheel

I learned from the website that I am too big for their wheel -  if you and your bike together weigh more than 250 pounds, you too are out of its range, but Evelo will sell you a complete bike that's well suited to persons of our size for a little over $2000.

May you enjoy the ride, regardless of which wheel you choose.