Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Personal Carbon Reduction (PCR):The 1st Food Is Free Planter IS Built!

The carbon-munching garden (almost) lives!
A busy weekend with a project started and (mostly) completed - the first Food Is Free Project Self-Wicking Raised-Bed Garden is now built. We only need to add a little more soil and some plants. (What a mouth full!)

Thursday night I made my wife watch the FIFP videos that had me so excited. She was even more excited than I was by the time the videos were watched - so the project was green-lighted and fast-tracked. Friday at lunch I picked up free pallets from a Craigslist ad. After work I swung by my favorite sign shop and snagged some used coroplast signs. We found a neighbor with a new fence and acquired some of the old fence pickets for trim work. We had a tarp left over from one of my wife's neighborhood garden projects. We had an ugly old sheet that was ready for retirement. We had a few boxes of screws around. It all came together rather nicely. I did have to purchase some PVC and river pebbles. (Snagit, I wish our fair city had a working glass tumbler/recycler!!!!) We started buiding Saturday around noon and (even with significant interruptions) had it done by evening.

Swartzy stopped by and we put him to work. Thanks, man!
Now, we just need to get some plants going and a little sign to talk some neighbors into joining the revolution - the revolution won't be televised, but it will be blogged!
Do you want to build your own? If so, set aside 20 minutes and watch these three videos in this order:
FIFP: How to Build a Wicking Bed Garden (Quick Overview)
FIFP: How to Build a Wicking Bed Garden! (Detailed video with ukelele music)
May you learn to love your neighbor, eat healthier, and strike a blow for carbon reduction with one tiny little garden - get out there and kick some carbon-munching garden butt!
I'd like to thank my wife, the Swartzy, the Food Is Free Project team, the pallet guys, Jennifer the pallet hurler, our favorite sign guy,Lucy the Wondertruck, and the weird guy who kept walking by our house and offering suggestions.

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