Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Techno Detox: The Joy of Missing Out

I realized yesterday that I was very nervous. I noticed that any little downtime in my day had me reaching for my phone to keep my brain distracted. I seem to have lost the ability to just sit. I woke up about four this morning and decided to try something like meditation - to focus on one idea, to ride along on one train of thought. I could not do it. Every 30 seconds or so I would realize that I had jumped the rails and was wandering about the wilderness. I am really struggling with it. I find myself more productive at work if I have music pumping into my ear to keep me distracted enough to focus - without it my brain just wanders and little work gets done.

I used to think that we all walk around starring in our own little movie (or novel, vine, comic book, whatever) but I am starting to understand that I am more of a bit part. See if you can find me in this little video: I forgot my phone

An article on TH yesterday pointed out a book that discusses what I am going through and offers some help for us techno-addicts.

'The Joy of Missing Out' shows us how to find balance in a wired world

Do I have the patience to read it? Which app should I use to download it? Admitting you have a problem is the first step to...

May you have a phenomenal...

Does anyone have a spare phone charger?