Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Gardening, Bicycling. Recycling, and Electric Cars - Keeping the Faith

This front-porch tomato will save the world, snagit!

I read an article yesterday that made me feel a little better about my Mesquite-Huggerism.

You see, there have been lots of discouraging articles lately, articles about the futility of recycling in America; of the miniscule impact the individual has in the face of corporate, industrial, and governmental environmental destruction. And I live in Texas where the trucks are never big enough, where oil is never black enough, and people wait in line weekly to buy ammo.

Some days it's hard to be excited about the neutral impact of bicycling to work as I ride past car after car idling empty and "warming up" on cool July mornings. It's hard to be excited about recycling when you read how little recycling happens in America  - even in places where we sort it into bins to make it easier for the municipalities and companies in which we have faith.

So, running across the Treehugger article How important is your personal carbon footprint? helped me to re-orient my perspective and to encourage me to step out a bit more in publicly supporting environmental protection, conservation, and restoration.

It also reminded me of the Starfish poem that everyone should read at least once a year.

So, I have a renewed energy in pedaling a bike, raising tomatoes, and dreaming of the day I can drive around in my electric car that is fueled up by solar and wind power. I will vote with my actions, with my wallet, with my words, and with my vote - far from perfect but striving for better.

May you stand strong and optimistic in pessimistic times.