Wednesday, July 8, 2015

That New and Nekkid Electric Scooter from Austin

Become the hippest, coolest, most eco-friendly big kid on the block. Because the road to the future is electric, let's ride it together! 
Christian Okonsky                                       
(Okay, they announced pricing, so it's time for a real post.)

CleanTechnica has now posted two articles about this very promising electric scooter out of Austin, Texas. Be sure to watch the Kickstarter video to see the bike in action around Austin. I can't think of a better vehicle for getting around our capitol. For years now I have watched for a non-running Honda scooter like this one for a candidate for conversion. Thanks to Austin Electric Powersports, I can quit looking!


This scooter appeals to me for four reasons:
  • the range (50 miles)
  • the speed (50 miles per hour)
  • the functional style (borrowing heavily from the wildly popular Honda Ruckus)
  • and it's from the Lone Star State. (They really hooked me when they took off from Home Slice and took a pic at Jo's Coffee on South Congress - lots of good memories of scooting in South Austin!)
 From the Kickstarter video (Hopefully, the check-engine light, low-oil light, and neutral indicator won't make it to the production version.)
May all of us eco-friendly big kids ride together on machines like this.
[Shameless blogger self-promotion time: If you like this machine, be sure to check out the Fido, the Daymak Beast, the Boxx scooter, and the Bolt M-1.  You can find most of them on our Electric Scooters and Mopeds page. You can find the Beast on our Electric Bikes and Conversion Kits page.]

[More shameless blogger self-promotion: If any of you big-time blogs out there need a guest writer to run down to Austin to do an in-depth article on the ATX 8080, you know where to find me!]