Thursday, August 20, 2015

Minipost: Bike Commuter Nirvana Ending - Act Now!

Okay, it's happened. Another perfectly good summer has passed us by. I don't know about you, but I have not spent as much time on a bike as I had hoped, and now I am in mourning. The kids go back to school on Monday. Parents in SUVs, minivans, pickups, and overcrowded sedans will be dropping the kids off. They will be stressed out and running late. They will be drinking coffee, eating breakfast, texting, yelling, and creating general mayhem on the streets. And the busier they are, the more resentful they will be of a bicycle's presence on their unholy ground.
So, you have today and tomorrow to enjoy the less crowded roads. Get out there and experience the relative freedom of the realtively open road. You owe it to yourself to enjoy this closing window of opportunity while you can.
May you be safe, joyful, and green! (And may the parents and children thrive this year (and leave the house 5 minutes earlier.)