Thursday, August 20, 2015

Personal Carbon Reduction: Part 2 - The What

Okay, I admit it. I have been in analysis paralysis on this one. I had a lot of windshield time this weekend and kept my brain busy organizing part two.

A very young Houstonian Carolina anole

I might have spent too much time thinking about it. From Lubbock to Arlington I came up with a long list of possible categories for personal carbon reduction. From Arlington to Houston I arm-wrestled it down to three. From Houston back to Arlington I wondered why there were so many Carolina anoles in South Texas, why there is a building in Houston with the DeLorean logo on it, and how a road with so many hills and trees could seem so desolate. From Arlington to Lubbock I listened to a terrible novel, added a fourth category, and swore off road trips forever!

     From tennis shoes to travel cross-country, we will delve into getting from point A to point B as cleanly , greenly, and carbon-freely as possible.

At Home
     Cooking, cleaning, heating, cooling, and keeping the place in shape, we'll delve into reducing carbon consumption at home.

     What is the carbon impact of the food you put in your mouth? How can you make your meals healthier for all of us?

Extending Your Reach
     This is where we drop the "Personal" in our PCR and look at ways of spreading the word, of becoming more than just a few idiots who recycle aluminum cans. (But there's nothing wrong with recycling aluminum cans!)

May we learn together and accomplish much!