Friday, September 18, 2015

A party, guilt, goals, and a photogenic bug

The day started with a party. Actually yesterday ended with the same party. The college kids across the alley like to party on Thursday nights, and this week was no exception, but they turned it up a notch this time. They were louder and rowdier at 5:45 AM than they were at 10 PM. And it got me to thinking about the importance of self, ego, society, and all kinds of fun stuff.

As the brain meandered about, it settled on an article I read yesterday on eco-guilt. The brain latched on the eco part and I stayed there a while.

I know eco-guilt well. Each time I fire up a gas engine, drink from styrofoam, or carry garbage to the dumpster, I feel a disturbance in the eco-force.

I figured out quickly that guilt was no good, so I switched over to the goals channel and came up with an overwhelming list of nitpicky goals. No good there either. So I stepped back a bit and found that I really have three eco goals:

Carbon reduction
Water conservation
Waste reduction

And then I thought of a fourth goal - spread the word.

So, how about you? How do guilt, goals, and self combine in your eco-self? What are you struggling with or working toward?

May you have a great Friday and find your answers!