Friday, January 29, 2016

Keeping it real(istic) - Mesquite Hugging Plan for Spring and Summer

This is one of those pie-in-the-sky versus reality posts where I lay out the plan for spring/summer.

Vehicles, Stuff Purging, Garden, Compost, Local Politics, National Politics (Those last three may be a bit redundant.) These will be the focus.

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Carbon-Free Transport -I rode the (electric) bike to work two days this week. None too impressive, but much more so than most recent weeks. And it felt really good to be back on the bike. My body hurts from the exercise and I am glad. It is a start. (Spencer - the National Bike Challenge - Bring it on!)

On the bicycle front, yes, I have been drooling over cargo bikes, but I think I will pursue fixing up my tiny bike armada to cover most needs. Two main transportation bikes - the Motobecane mountain bike can transform into more of a commuter with light cargo capacity, the old Bridgestone can turn into a workhorse electric bike with heavier cargo capacity and the ability to pull a trailer.

(Speaking of cargo bikes - two big emails this week:
The Xtracycle Leap is now available for pre-order at $600 for the basic kit. has a deal where you can register to to win $500 off of either of their two bikes.
The Mesquite Hugger looked at his budget and decided to keep riding his old bikes with small upgrades.)

ElectroPigeon 1 is most likely on hold for this spring and summer - too many other big projects demanding my attention.

The Pigeon Dream may have to wait 

Electric Car acquisition - not yet. Come on cycle weather! (Unless I find that mythical Upgrade to Electric grant or person who wants me to haul off their electric car. Anyone?)

Speaking of acquisition, I hope to do the opposite - it's time to get rid of stuff. Anyone needing a Lambretta, a Vespa, a Voloci (electric cycle), a half-completed electric Mazda pickup, or lots of other unwanted stuff - let me know. It's time to make some breathing room. I am open to bartering more than trades. I am tired of being owned by stuff!

Gardening - Stepping this one up in a big way. The overall goal is to put a significant amount of home-grown food on the table and to offer a healthy place for local bees to get their grub on. I will continue the olla gardening and the Food is Free project and I hope to build a dome greenhouse in the backyard utilizing pallet lumber and dome connectors.


Composting - Okay, it's a bit oxymoronic, but I am lazy and I like to build stuff, and the world offers a never-ending supply of compostable material. (And mice really appreciate the wooden compost box I am using.) So, I want to build a barrel-based compost tumbler. I learned last year that being a decent composter makes one a more successful gardener.

Politics - Locally I hope to campaign and work for better biking and pedestrian improvements. Nationally, it is time to get more involved with the Citizens Climate Lobby.
How about you? Any plans to green your routine? To cut the carbon? To de-stuff-ify?
May your plans lead to actions and may your actions lead to a better life.