Thursday, April 21, 2016

Earth Day Suggestions: #4 Tiny Neighborhood Cleanup

You never know what you'll find 

Ok, this one is obvious and simple, but it is one of my favorite low-budget ways to accomplish lots of things (and celebrate Earth Day 2016):
  • clean up your neighborhood
  • increase recycling
  • meet your neighbors
  • model positive green behavior
  • reduce stress
  • get a little exercise

From - a really great blog!

 If you're an over-achiever you can multitask and accomplish a few more things:
  • walk the dog, cat, or possum
  • teach life lessons to your kids, the neighbor kids, or the jerk down the street who litters a lot
  • meditate on the meaning of humility and the importance of not calling your neighbor a jerk
  • bird watch
  • crime watch
  • bird crime watch (those grackles get into a lot of stuff)
  • take pics for your ______ Hugger blog (may not apply to all readers)
  • revive a few new years resolutions (more exercise, less time on the couch, less phone time)
  • ponder the meaning of 42
  • prove to yourself that carbon-negative transportation is possible
 How do you do it? Walk around your block picking up trash.

What tools are needed? a hand and a bag, bucket, or sack

Any optional tools? Those grabby pincher things, good tennis shoes, pepper spray (in case you live near a burrito place that is not spicy enough), sun protection, a smile, latex gloves, clothing

What can I expect? Beverage containers, cigarette packages, lots of straws, papers; the satisfaction of doing something for your planet, your fellow humans, beauty, and yourself

May simple steps lead to better living for all.

[If you really want to see changes, try doing this weekly - you will be amazed.]

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