Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Earth Day Suggestions: #3 Seek Greenspiration

Before we get started, start thinking about something you really enjoy. (For me it would be something with wheels.) Not a green something, just a plain old something you enjoy. Do you have it pictured? Take a second to enjoy your mental image.
Now, go to your favorite search engine, type the name of that thing you enjoy along with one of the following adjectives: sustainable, eco-friendly, green, carbon-neutral, recycled, upcycled, ecological, reclaimed, green, or earth-friendly. Next, hit the search button.
This Instructables photo changed my thinking about transportation several years ago.
So, what popped up? Is there something there that appeals to you? Is there a new take on something you already love? If yes, start researching, dreaming, and scheming. If no...
...let's try a different approach.
Start your day ready to take notes. Title your notes something like There's got to be a better way or The world would be better if or What would Ed Begley Jr. do in my place? Give yourself a few days to look around. Write down lots of stuff. When you look back over your list, see if you are passionate (or at least curious) about something you wrote down.
Still nothing? Well, I almost give up.
Still nothing?
If none of that offers you inspiration, swing on by the Mesquite Hugger compound so I can introduce you to my little friend!
May (lots of ) you be inspired to make Earth Day 2016 the day you started a great and mighty work.