Friday, September 30, 2016

A Green Revolution in Lubbock, Texas? Oh Yes! (Updated)

It's a lonely thing - being an eco blogger here in the LBK. (But it's getting better!)

Looking at the Mesquite Hugger blog stats, it's easy to see that the people who read it don't live around here unless they know and (hopefully) love me. It may be that it's a terrible blog and that it's poorly written and horribly unappealing, but I like to think that the subject  matter just doesn't appeal to the majority of Lubbockites. (Yeah, that's it!)

Lubbock is just not a place known for its eco-friendliness.

I do have to admit, however, that there are signs of hope. Here and there you see local people addressing (and acknowledging) the issues surrounding climate change and our role in it. More people are choosing to ride a bike. Our town has also started embracing recycling and water conservation. There are sparks.

This week, I had a chance to see a Green Revolution very close to home. At the Texas Tech Museum, you too can see this Green Revolution on display:

For this lonely eco-blogger, it is an upcycled slice of Heaven. An exhibit aimed at helping real-world people find ways to green their everyday lives speaks my language. Really, as I walked around the installations, my smile widened and widened more: alternative energy, energy and water conservation, carbon reduction, recycling, upcycling, and bicycling! And I was seeing all of this here in Lubbock! Plus, there were real, live worms!

I love this idea, but I don't seem to be the best of worm farmers. I have, however, turned out to be a very successful composter.

Unlike the catastrophic worm composting experiment, I have been very successful in capturing rain water in my home-made rain barrel. (It's amazing how little rain it takes to fill up a 55-gallon barrel!)

You know I love me some recycling!

Lubbock, you know we need this!

You mean you don't view everyday life as a green challenge? I keep hoping my maker friends over at ULabs will create an Eco-Fit-Bitty type thing so we can all track our daily eco-friendly steps.

Bicycling (I may have mentioned this topic a few times.)
Yep, it was downright amazing to see all of these displays right here in my own backyard. I am now feeling so much less lonely. There are people in the world who speak my eco-language! And they are spreading the word! [Sigh.] It feels good to be the Mesquite Hugger!

If you're still reading, you must be (a.) intrigued (b.) really bored, or (c.) you love me, you really love me! In case you fall in category (a.) or (c.), I have some exciting news for you.

On Sunday, October 16 from 2pm-4pm, there will be a Green Revolution event at the museum. The coolest part of the event will be a short talk from our own world-famous climate scientist, Dr. Katharine Hayhoe. If you have never had a chance to hear Dr. H speak, you are in for a very educational treat! After the talk, you will be invited to go around to different booths to speak to local experts (and a long-winded blogger) on a number of life-greening topics. You might even have a chance to win a (really tiny) Tesla Model S!
May you find local opportunities to learn and grow, and may that be a blessing to everyone.