Thursday, November 10, 2016

Awesome Lubbock Recycling Opportunity this Weekend (11-12-16)

Dear Lubbockites,

You know that Windows 98 machine you have languishing in the corner of your closet? How about the Game Boy that quit working and the TV with a screen that just wasn't flat enough to fit in our modern world? How about those little gadgets that were easier to replace than repair? Remember that PS1 with broken controllers on a shelf in the garage? Well, now it's time to get them out of your house and send them off to a better place. And Texas Tech Recycling (once again) is here to make it happen.

See the whole enchilada on GeekyEdge
The details:
Humanity needs all of us to quit trashing our home. This is one opportunity to do a little something right.
Sincerely and hopefully,
The Mesquite Hugger
May your stuff come back as something better in the next life!
PS. Thanks for the heads up, Double K!

PPS. If you miss this opportunity, Goodwill is also a local option for e-recycling.

PPPS. Watch the Story of Stuff already!

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