Friday, March 21, 2014

They Struck Again, and Again: Graffiti and Toxins

At 5:30 this morning my wife informed me that the aerosol idiots had struck again. There is some improvement this time. All three words were legibly painted and spelled correctly. Had they added a little punctuation, it could have been a properly formed complete sentence that contained a command form verb, a personal pronoun, and an appositive noun forming a metaphor that compared me to a female dog. (Guess who used to teach English for a living.)

Before I jumped in the shower, I took some penetrating oil and a shop rag an old sock (Reuse!) out to Lucy, my beloved Ford Ranger, and started removing their handiwork. It took about 15 minutes, and life goes on.

Then I showered and dressed. I went in to kiss my wife goodbye. She told me that I smelled like penetrating oil. Even as I type this, I can detect the smell of that handy but fairly toxic petroleum product wafting from my fingers. It has a more pleasant smell than carburetor cleaner or gasoline. Maybe even a little better than WD-40. But the issue here is not the smell - it is the presence of this stuff in my skin. The shower did not wash it away.

There has been a lot of talk lately about the toxins that surround us. In our air, our food, our personal hygiene products and so much more, we are constantly bombarded with some pretty damaging stuff.

One of my office mates is pretty legitimately a health guru. She studies, she learns, she practices, and she preaches that particular gospel. She talks a lot about detoxifying and cleansing. I would listen more, but those talks often disparage the name of one of my favorite health food providers - Little Debbie.

Coincidentally, Treehugger had an article today about a new book on cleansing toxins from one's body. Maybe it's time I give it a read. Steinbeck has once again given me a great tour of America. I guess ToxIn ToxOut is my next read. I will keep you posted.

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