Thursday, March 24, 2016

Getting Ready for a Talk - Should I wear a cape?

[Before we get started, I know I'm no Marvel superhero or DC antihero, and I am definitely not Captain Planet - just an average joe with an average blog, but I do have a bit of an alter ego in the Mesquite Hugger.]

See what riding a bike to work did for my physique?

I am a pretty quiet guy with a pretty quiet life. I ride a second-hand bike as much as possible. I drink coffee in the same place every morning with the same grouchy guys. (Hi, Grizz, Knippa, and the Kanadian Knievel!) I work on the third floor of an office building where I share (with a considerably less grouchy co-worker - Hi, JG!) a room that was a closet before we moved in. I live (with a really hot executive director of a non-profit) in an average 2.5 bedroom house in the middle of a non-glamorous city-town. I don't live off grid in a grain-bin-silo-tiny-house-earthship. I don't drive a Tesla-Leaf-Volt-Prius-CMax-Citicar. (I did buy a new-but-defective electric motorcycle, but it was a terrible ownership experience and I am glad it is gone.) I ride a bike when I can and I drive a worn out (but paid for) pickup when I can't.

All of this is to say, I am an ordinary, average guy with extremely green beliefs and dreams. And when I am not behind a keyboard, I don't wear my Mesquite Hugger cape in public (much).

But that's changing lately. Last Saturday morning, I stood in front of 100 people and talked to them (through a microphone!) about climate change, Citicars, and (most important) the Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL).

Next Tuesday night, I will be doing something similar. The Lubbock United Neighborhood Association - or LUNA - is having one of their quarterly meetings with an Act Locally theme. A world renowned climate scientist will be speaking and other people will have booths set up to teach about healthier ways to live. I will have a booth set up to discuss carbon-free/carbon-neutral transportation. (Really, it'll be electric bikes and cars.)

It's such a big deal that I made up some high-tech, upcycled, compostable business cards!
Tuesday, March 29th
Lubbock High School Cafeteria Building
There will be cookies! (At least I hope there will be.)
(I will be the guy without a cape.)
May we all find healthier ways to live and thrive by working together!

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