Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Double Followup on the Daymak Beast Kickstarter

Yes, the Beast has become a weird little obsession lately. No, I have not sold anything valuable and thrown any money at the campaign, but I have been watching from the sidelines, a lot.

As for the Kickstarter campaign, things look promising - 7 days to go and slightly over 80% has been pledged. Now, if six people pony up for the Early Bird Deluxe 2.0 (which looks like a smoking bargain to me,) then Daymak will reach their goal and go into production.

Today I ran across something I have been hoping to find - a third-party review. And, since I know y'all are having the same weird little obsession with the Beast (Right?), I wanted to share it with you: Daymak Beast Electric Bike First Ride Review

It did answer a few questions for me. I had wondered if the 48V version had lead-acid batteries - it does. (So, if you are planning to support the Kickstarter in a big way, go for one of the 60V versions with a lithium battery pack.) That was a little unclear on their website. I had also wondered about the seat being so close to the pedals and whether or not the floorboard is too long. Apparently yes, those are both issues they are dealing with for the finalized versions.

So, is it just me? Am I the only one with this strange obsession with this ugly but practical machine? Talk amongst yourselves - I will keep watching the drama unfold.

May you enjoy your own little eco-soap operas.