Friday, July 18, 2014

EBike Infographic

Amen on that 67% stat! (My co-workers would agree.)

Ok, you know that I love e-bikes, and you know that I love infographics. So you can imagine how excited I am any time I run across an e-bike infographic. (Both of these images and a video can be found in this article: Electric Bikes Enable More People to Ride Bikes More Often)

Me, I am still pedaling a regular bicycle right now, but I am hoping to upgrade to an ebike this fall. It would have been nice today.

I took a motorcycle jacket to coffee today to loan to a friend.
Another friend brought back a motorcycle helmet I had loaned him.
My office mate brought a bunch of clothes for us to sell in this weekend's garage sale.
And I have vowed to not drive a car (or any other petroleum-powered vehicle) to work at least two days per week through the summer.

An e-bike with a large basket or two would have been great today. Sigh. We will get there!

For those of you who just can't get enough of reading about e-bikes, here are three sites I recommend highly: (the granddaddy of all forums for the DIY e-biker)

May you get there too!

PS. Don't forget the downtown farmers market tomorrow (Saturday) morning. Be sure to check out the solar oven and get a free cookie!

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