Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lubbock: Support Your Local Farmers Market AND Eat Local Foods Year Round

(Find this image and lots of cool canning info at

In case you are headed to the Lubbock Downtown Farmers Market on Saturday morning AND you are looking for a productive and tasty indoor activity for the hot hot hot afternoon this week, here is a Treehugger article on canning that I found pretty inspiring:

9 Reasons to Try Canning this Summer

Personally, I was really impressed with six of the nine reasons, but I know that many of you wish I'd get to the point a little quicker, so, here are my top three - 1, 3, & 5.
1. Canning is almost zero-waste
3. Canning at home allows you to keep additives out of your food
5. Canning helps you to support local farmers and reduce food miles

Bonus for those of you still reading: my favorite is #6!

6. Canning can save you a lot of money

May you get off your can and can soon!