Friday, April 15, 2016

Fossil Free Friday: Electric Vehicle Smorgasboard! (Updated)

Riding to work this morning (on the non-electric bike) I was thinking, Self, what are you gonna write about today? It's FFF. I can't think of anything. Then my brain started running though a list of cool stuff happening right now. I thought to myself, Self, which of these cool things are you gonna write about? Being a man of great decisiveness, I answered, All of them!
My biggest EV dream is to create a vehicle that recharges itself while it sits in the sun. While the idea is not yet practical for those of you who drive a lot, for someone like me who has a 10-mile-round-trip commute to work and a very sunny parking lot, it could be a real possibility. Grizz and I have sketched it out many times, but our budget has always come out much stouter than $1900.

But we could run on up to Bozeman, Montana (a place I have always wanted to see) and bring such a beast home for $1900. Ah the temptation!
For those of you who are seriously considered buying an electric car (on a budget) be sure to check out Leafs on Ebay - there are some great deals on low-mileage lease returns.
Several on Ebay under $10,000 and free nationwide shipping
Color me skeptical on this one, but there's a new-mid-drive bicycle motor on Indiegogo this week. It looks like a very simple setup, but it turns the crank, so when it turns, your legs have to keep up. It's called the Bimoz and you can Indiegogo in for $899.

Rad Power Bikes sent out an email yesterday to introduce their third product. They squeezed lots of categories into this one:
  • folding bike
  • electric bike
  • cargo bike
  • monster-tired bike
When I first saw it last night I chuckled, and thought to myself, No way, Ted! But today, my logical brain started putting pieces together and it is starting to appeal to me. They are announcing pricing and pre-orders later today, but if it comes in cheaper than the Radwagon (of my dreams), I may be tempted. It could pull a trailer, haul light loads, fit in a trunk. Maybe it's time to get past my prejudice against those big honkin' tires.
RadMini announced yesterday (They announced the price -  see the bottom of this post)
Just 10 more days to learn about the GeoOrbital Wheel - so excited!
Speaking of temptation, the only cargo bike on Austin Craigslist lately is this Xtracycle FreeRadical setup for a rather tiny amount of money. Do I need it? Not sure. Do I want it? Absolutely! It's a tremendous bargain for such a competent and useful machine, and it has accessories included. This combined with a GeoOrbital Wheel...good stuff for Mesquite Hugger daydreaming.
May you find the green vehicle of your dreams in this appealing and motley crew!
(I know I have.)
$1500 + $175 shipping (?) Hmm...


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